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Alexandra Tungsten warme en comfortabele contract hoodie

Deze Unisex hoodie contrast hoodie is verkrijbaar in duo kleuren blauw of zwart/grijs.

280 gram en de verdeling 60 % polyester en 40 katoen, maakt het een zeer comfortabele hoodie.

Deze hoodie is zeer goed geschikt voor dagelijks gebruik of voor de werkomgeving.

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Capuchon met dubbele stof


60% Polyester, 40% Katoen



Lion King Logo 3D EMB Hoody


For those who love the Lion King today as much as they did in their childhood, Merchcode now offers this cool Merchandise-Hoodie right on time for the remake of the Disney classic. The noble embroidered 3D lettering of the movie logo on the chest makes the simple white hoodie not only a real eye-catcher but also a must for all real fans of Simba, Timon, Pumbaa and Co.

Joy Division UP Zip Hoody


When was the last time you thought about the seventies? With this cool hooded sweat jacket you will not only honor the English punk band Joy Divison but also look guaranteed good. The cover of the legendary Unknown Pleasures album is emblazoned on the back and the lettering on the chest completes the overall picture.

Korn Follow Cliff Hoody


With this t-shirt the iconic nu-metal band Korn is to be honored. The print on the front shows the iconic album cover of Follow The Leader, which perfectly reflects the band’s typical dark mood. A must have for all real Korn fans!

Gorillaz Demon Days Hoody


Dressed with this hoody you uplift your style with a hefty load of demonic beats. The casual hooded companion fits for almost all seasons and is guaranteed to attract attention. Incidentally it also keeps you warm. Pull it over and your headphones on and get ready.

NYPD Logo Hoody


You want the real thing, instead of halfhearted designs? Then rejoice, because this NYPD Logo Hoody has what you need. The infamous NYPD logo with lettering stands out in eye-catching yellow on sleeves and front. Optimal comfort is provided by hood, drawstring closure, wide cuffs and a soft brushed fleece on the inside.

Friends Logo EMB Hoody


Made for binge watching! Slip into the hoody, turn on the television and off you go. This cozy hoodie sweetens your evenings on the couch or inside the circle of your friends. The obligatory “Friends” lettering runs over the chest and is separated by colored dots. The comfy piece of clothing is rounded off by proven hoody features such a large hood and kangaroo pocket.

Coca Cola International Logo Hoody


As a true globetrotter you should always and everywhere know how to get to your next Coca Cola. Easy peasy, when you are equipped with this stylish hoody in red and black. In doubt just point your finger on one of the tiles and the next Coke is sure to come up your way in no time!